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"The quietness you'll love, the floor protection you need."

Children - Floor Protection

Children - Floor Protection

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Classroom Floor Protection for Chairs, Desks, & Tables | Floor Protection Pads

Eliminate distractions and keep your floors in pristine condition with durable furniture and wood floor protection pads from Furniture Footies™, LLC, in Hermitage, Pennsylvania.


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Without Furniture Footies 
2" Ball
With Furniture Footies
2" Ball

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#1 Tennis Ball Floor Protection
Product with the Circular Cut 
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Prevent Floor Scratching Cut down on your Maintenance Cost Protect 
Your Investment Dollars Enjoy a Much Quieter Classroom.

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Furniture Footies are Environmentally Friendly/ Non- Toxic Allergenic 
(Note: Upon Opening, Product will have a temporary rubber smell which will fade after placement)
This Product Meets CPSC 
(Consumer Products Safety Commission)
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Furniture Footies®

The big "rage" within the education field currently are techniques and furniture to help active learners focus on the learning process. Examples: big balls, rocking chairs, and Bouncy Bands. I had a customer even tell me today that they are replacing some of their classroom furniture for these special chairs that students can rock back and forth on.

Furniture Footie golf ball size is such a beneficial application to the above techniques.  The golf ball size footie was designed with a circular cut and when it is applied to a chair base of 1 1/4" or less in diameter it will provide the student with a little bounce and movement. This is because the glide does not rest flat on the base of the ball which allows for that spring action or bounce when a child moves up, down, back, and forth gently on the chair.

Furniture footies

Furniture Footies golf ball size gray

I had a former student tell me when he first sat down on a chair that had the golf ball size footies on them "Wow, this is neat!" Kids pick up right away on the bounce effect this product has when applied to chair legs.

Furniture Footies golf ball size kills three not two birds with one stone: protects flooring, quiets plus enhances the learning process!! Get more bang for your buck with Furniture Footies golf ball size floor protector!

Furniture Footies

Furniture Footies golf ball size
navy blue

Floor Protection Products

Furniture Leg-EZ
I've been an educator in the school systems for 30+ years and I know what schools want when it comes to floor protection for chairs, desks & tables. All of my products protect floors while quieting the classroom when furniture is moved about. New schools want floor protection but not an eyesore like the large yellow tennis ball that falls apart and falls off after a short period of time.



Floor protection you've got but can't spot!

Introducing Furniture Leg-EZ®

A New Type of Floor prection

This quality made magnetic furniture cap to magnetic floor protection pad. Furniture Leg-EZ™ are seemingly invisible and will outlast the competition. Keep the beauty of your floors intact while quieting furniture movement. Will fit all standard classroom furniture legs of 1 1/4" or less and won't fall off with normal movement of furniture. Made of transparent durable plastic with a powerful magnet and 4mm thick wool pad!
Furniture Leg-EZ

Furniture Footies® Golf Ball Size

Furniture Footies offer ideal floor protection for schools, businesses, and homes. Help reduce your floor maintenance costs and save both time and money with Furniture Footies precut tennis balls for chairs.

These chair glides totally eliminate that annoying chair noise distraction when furniture is moved about while keeping your floors in pristine condition. Furniture Footies will protect all types of flooring such as hardwood, laminate, and tile whether it is in your work place or home. 

Furniture Footies are Environmentally Friendly/ Non- Toxic AllergenicNo tools necessary. Available now in both gray and navy blue. *Please see video for easy application.  Will fit a base diameter of 1 1/4" or less.

Furniture footies

Golf Ball Size Furniture Footies®

Well-Made Floor Protection
These patent-pending devices attach directly to chair legs and won't fall or peel off with everyday use. They are much smaller in diameter than previous floor protectors, so your furniture's appearance isn't affected. Contact us now at (866) 567-0410 to order your Furniture Footies® and give your floor the protection it deserves. 
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This will fit a chair leg diameter base of 1.25" or less.  Please note that slit lengths may very in size.  However, the footie can be applied fairly easily with very little slit length. 
This smaller ball is designed for chairs only.

Introducing Furniture Footies® New 2 inch Size

Same quality as the smaller golf ball size but slightly larger and has a slit cut for application on desks and/or chairs. 

Furniture Footies
Don't forget to ask for a FREE sample!
Furniture Footies
2inch Ball Size
*Same gray color as the Golf Ball size footie
Available in Gray and Navy Blue
Furniture Footies®
Furniture Footies

This will fit a chair, desk, or table leg of a diameter base of 1.25" or less.

Furniture Footies® 2" ball

Furniture Footies 2" ball is the perfect fit for application on a walker!  Why choose a large bulky regular size tennis ball when Furniture Footies 2" ball is so much smaller and attractive to the eye!  Easy application with no tools necessary. Cost effective compared to other competitors with similar applications. Available in gray and navy blue. Will fit on most walkers.

Furniture Footies® 2 ball
Furniture Footies® 2 ball
Navy Blue Footies Walker Footie Balls Grey Footies
Furniture Footies 2" ball can fit numerous furniture leg bases ranging from 1/ 1/4" diameter or up to 1 1/2" or less and still look great due to its much smaller size compared to a regular tennis ball!
Furniture Footies
Furniture Footies

Furniture Footies 2" ball is much smaller than a normal tennis ball in size. 

Will fit a diameter base of 1/1/4" to approximately 1 1/2" or less . Available now in navy  blue or gray.

Furniture Footies

Floor protection product samples for schools available upon request.

Reduce the noise factor in your classroom by ordering our 
floor protection pads toll free at (866) 567-0410 or fax at (724) 342-3853.


Furniture Footies allergen results indicate ND (None Detected) 
Click to view the Latex Allergen Official Lab Report

No More Scrapes, Squeals, & Screeches

Enjoy a quieter classroom and prettier floors with my Furniture Footies®. My product is made of a thick rubber core and an outer covering of durable polyester blend.  These precut tennis balls fit all standard classroom chair legs, requiring no tools for an easy application.  To order larger quantities than those shown on the pricing page, call us at (866) 567-0410 for ordering and pricing details.  Put Furniture Footies® on the top of your list for teacher school supplies.

Why I Developed My Products?

During my 30 years of teaching dealing with the frequent screeching sounds of desks and chairs being moved about in the classroom. The custodial staff concerns over floor scratching and the unhappiness over the current products in the market led me to develop my products for floor protection and quieting the movement of classroom furniture. Administrators, teachers, custodians, and students alike have commented on how well they like these unique patent-pending products in the classroom.

A woman owned/operated business.
Good standing member of the BBB


Margaret I. Johnson

Huge Savings on Bulk Orders for a Limited Time Only!

Competitors claim it's impossible to have a one size fits all furniture leg glide-Well, Furniture Footies® has come up with a solution of not only one but two "One size fits all" furniture leg glides!

My competitors offer various model sizes,templates,applications, and how to videos that leave you even more confused and bewildered!  Your left with a product that doesn't fit and or is almost impossible to apply to a furniture leg.

Furniture Footies® and Furniture Leg-EZ fit all standard classroom furniture so there is no need to figure out what size you need making it so easy to apply by hand that even a young child could do it!

About My Products

Furniture Footies® are the smallest tennis ball like floor protection for chairs.  Furniture Footies® are specifically designed for application on a chair leg.  They show less dirt due to their attractive gray color and smaller size blends well in any classroom setting!  For quality and durability, the inner core is made of a thick natural rubber that is non allergenic.  The outer covering is of a durable polyester blend - not synthetic.  The unique patent-pending design of the circular cut with two 1/4" slits allow for ease in application!  Once applied, it will not fall off like similar products out there. Our prices are comparable or even lower than our competitors! Furniture Footies® are quality made because my reputation stands behind it.

If you want total floor protection and eliminate all noise factors from furniture movement then put Furniture Footies® on your back to school list today!

  ↓ First Ball: 2 Inches ↓       |    ↓Second Ball: Golf Ball Sized↓

Two furniture footie balls


 Competitors Ball      |          Our Balls          

3 furniture footie balls

Furniture Footies will reduce your maintenance costs by well over 50%.
• Furniture Footies will reduce 100% of the furniture noise.

Furniture Leg-EZ are new practically invisible floor protection that is specifically designed for application on desk/table legs. Furniture Leg-EZ are always flat on the floor, there is no premature wear on the wool pad that is 4mm thick! This means no premature wear on the floors! The dark brown color shows less dirt. I've been a teacher for 30+ years and would move desks and reposition tables in the classroom.  The screeching noise factor resulted in total classroom disruption and the wasting of valuable teaching time! Custodians were unhappy with the scratching and wear and tear it made on their floors.  This almost transparent cap is made of a highly durable plastic that won't crack or split.  The powerful magnet applies in a second onto table and desk legs and does not fall off with normal furniture movement.  Simply-lift and apply! Because of the powerful magnet, Furniture Leg-EZ can fit smaller leg base diameters. A table and student's desk can be quite heavy and  applying a tennis ball on on desk or table is a bit more trickier but with Furniture Leg-EZ the task is quite simple! A colleague of mine had applied the typical large unattractive yellow tennis balls onto her classroom furniture legs and spent over two hours and had sore hands to prove it! An entire classroom can have floor protection in just a few minutes. I test marketed my Furniture Leg-EZ in my own classroom and applied them to the desk of an extremely active first grader. This student, as well as the others in the classroom didn't even notice the Furniture Leg-EZ on this desk. They remained on the desk for the entire school year! Furniture Leg-EZ are quality made because my reputation stands behind it. It's floor protection you've got but can't spot! Put Furniture Leg-EZ on your back to school list today!

Great for schools and college campuses

• Furniture Leg-EZ are environmentally friendly nontoxic allergenic
• Furniture Leg-Ez will reduce your maintenance costs by well over 50%
• Furniture Leg-EZ will reduce your noise factor by as much as 90%