Furniture Footies Are Now New & Improved! No Logo Showing on the Front of the Ball!*
(small logo on the bottom)

* Any Remaining Inventory/Burgundy Color Still Has Logo on the Front.

Introducing Furniture Leg-EZ®

Floor Protection with Footies and Leg-ez

Floor protection you've got but can't spot!

A New Type of Floor Protection
This quality made magnetic furniture cap with the floor protection pad can be applied easily to desk or table leg. Furniture Leg-EZ® are seemingly invisible and will outlast the competition. Keep the beauty of your floors intact while quieting furniture movement. These furniture leg caps are great for hardwood floors! Will fit all standard classroom desk legs of 1 1/4" or less and won't fall off with normal movement of furniture. Made of transparent durable plastic with a powerful magnet and 4mm thick wool pad! Not recommended for use on chairs in a school setting.

Furniture Leg-Ez
Furniture Leg-Ez