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* Any Remaining Inventory/Burgundy Color Still Has Logo on the Front.

About My Products

Furniture Footies® are the smallest tennis ball like floor protection for chairs with a unique circulcar cut design to allow ease in application. Furniture Footies® are specifically designed for application on a chair leg. They show less dirt due to their attractive darker colors and smaller size blends well in any classroom setting! For quality and durability, the inner core is made of a thick natural rubber, not synthetic,  to prevent cracking, splitting, or falling off a chair leg unlike cheaper options. The outer covering is of a durable polyester blend - non allergenic. Our prices are comparable or even lower than our competitors! Furniture Footies® are quality made because my reputation stands behind it.

If you want total floor protection and eliminate all noise factors from furniture movement then put Furniture Footies® on your back to school list today!

Competitor vs Our ball

First Ball: 2 inches
Second Ball: Golf Ball Sized
The 2" Furniture Footies have an increased slit length for easier application.

Competitor vs Our Ball

Competitor's Ball vs Our Balls

• Furniture Footies will reduce your maintenance costs by well over 50%.
• Furniture Footies will reduce 100% of the furniture noise.

Furniture Leg-EZ

Furniture Leg-EZ are new practically invisible floor protection that is specifically designed for application on desk/table legs. Furniture Leg-EZ are always flat on the floor, there is no premature wear on the wool pad that is 4mm thick! This means no premature wear on the floors! The dark brown color shows less dirt. I've been a teacher for 30+ years and would move desks and reposition tables in the classroom. The screeching noise factor resulted in total classroom disruption and the wasting of valuable teaching time! Custodians were unhappy with the scratching and wear and tear it made on their floors. This almost transparent cap is made of a highly durable plastic that won't crack or split. The powerful magnet applies in a second onto table and desk legs and does not fall off with normal furniture movement. Simply-lift and apply! Because of the powerful magnet, Furniture Leg-EZ can fit smaller leg base diameters. A table and student's desk can be quite heavy and applying a tennis ball on on desk or table is a bit more trickier but with Furniture Leg-EZ the task is quite simple! A colleague of mine had applied the typical large unattractive yellow tennis balls onto her classroom furniture legs and spent over two hours and had sore hands to prove it! An entire classroom can have floor protection in just a few minutes. I test marketed my Furniture Leg-EZ in my own classroom and applied them to the desk of an extremely active first grader. This student, as well as the others in the classroom didn't even notice the Furniture Leg-EZ on this desk. They remained on the desk for the entire school year! Furniture Leg-EZ are quality made because my reputation stands behind it. It's floor protection you've got but can't spot! Put Furniture Leg-EZ on your back to school list today!

Leg-EZ furniture

• Furniture Leg-EZ are environmentally friendly nontoxic allergenic
• Furniture Leg-Ez will reduce your maintenance costs by well over 50%
• Furniture Leg-EZ will reduce your noise factor by as much as 90%

Why I Developed My Products?

During my 30 years of teaching dealing with the frequent screeching sounds of desks and chairs being moved about in the classroom. The custodial staff concerns over floor scratching and the unhappiness over the current products in the market led me to develop my products for floor protection and quieting the movement of classroom furniture. Administrators, teachers, custodians, and students alike have commented on how well they like these unique patent-pending products in the classroom.

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Margaret I. Johnson

Margaret I. Johnson

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